You may apply for an award from this special event. Award is available to all active radio amateurs and SWLs around the world.
These are the rules...
  • OZ75MAY count 1 point per band per mode.
  • OZ75BO count 2 points per band per mode.

Only contacts with one of the stations in the period 01 April 2021 00:00Z to April 11, 2021 23:59Z counts for this award.
Cross-modulation, cross-band activity and contacts via Repeaters and Echo-link do not count.

DX stations (outside EU):

Single mode award
  • Gold: 6 points
  • Silver: 5 points
  • Bronze: 3 points

Mixed mode award
  • Gold: 14 points
  • Silver: 12 points
  • Bronze: 8 points

European stations:

Single mode award
  • Gold: 8 points
  • Silver: 6 points
  • Bronze: 4 points

Mixed mode award
  • Gold: 20 points
  • Silver: 15 points
  • Bronze: 10 points

Prior to apply for an award please check your contacts here


SWL's have to report both stations heard and include details of reports, band, mode, time and date.

If you fulfill our requirements for an award and you want to order the award, you can send an e-mail to our award manager OZ4CG ( Once your QSOs have been checked in Clublog, you will receive an email with the ordered award attached for free, so you can print it out yourself.

Note: Deadline for award application is May 31, 2022.


So all the informations on this page is to inform you about the time when Denmark was freed from the German occupation and the end of the World War II. This happened in most of Denmark on 5 May 1945. The eastern island Bornholm stayed occupied of the Russian until 5 April 1946 and this also was a day of happiness when all of Denmark finally became free again.
In May 2020 Some Danish Radio Amateurs are going together in a Team to celebrate this special day 75 years ago, and you may find informations on this website for your chance to adopt a special Award.